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What is Ragnarok?

Ragnarok Online is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) where you can meet with a huge community of players and party to explore vast, dark dungeons. Players can level up, learn their characters, and truly enjoy everything the game has to offer. The story so far is of factions between three Gods in war, with hints of Norse Mythology in the background. Throughout the entire land are beasts of epic proportions, testing you at every turn, and ready for you to fall prey to your own weaknesses. Can you survive?

How do I begin?

In order to play Ragnarok Online, you must register an ID and Password to log into the server. Once you create one, you may log into your account and onto the server. From there you will see blank slots which you may use to create your character. Either double-click or Press Enter while highlighting one of the slots to choose the character/slot, and either create a new character in a blank spot or select that character to continue your RO adventure.

From there, you may choose your character's beginning stats, by clicking the arrows in the hexagon diagram. Every one stat added to any specific stat will subtract one from the opposite stat. Choose wisely what your stats are because once you pick, these stats cannot be changed. Stats work as below:

The stats will be explained more in detail in the tutorial.

On the left side of the menu, you will see a twirling person, this is your character. You may change the hairstyle and hair color with the arrows above your character's head. Once you have decided on a good display, it is time to name your character. Below your character is a text box in which you can input the name you wish to use. If your name is available, your character will be made, and you will see your character on the beginning menu. But if your name isn't available it will bring you back to the main menu and you have to make a character again. Don't fret, though, your previous character settings will be saved, you will just have to select a character slot and think of a different name. Once a character is created, you may double click or press enter to enter the vast world of Ragnarok.

Ragnarok Controls.

Once you've entered the vast world of Ragnarok, you will appear in a tutorial area meant to guide you through the game's controls and features but that wouldn't be much help if you don't know the very basics.

First of all, you will be able to change your display to fit your style of gameplay. The game shows your character in an angled camera position. You may change the view at which it looks at your character by holding down right-click and moving the mouse. If you wish to change the angle at which it looks at your character, hold down shift and right-click, and then move the mouse up for down and down for up. If you wish to change the zoom of the camera from your character, hold ctrl and right-click and move up for zooming out and down for zooming in.

Once you have your display configured, you can adjust your sound settings by pressing the Escape key then highlighting Sound on the menu that appears. A menu will pop up with the Labels, BGM and Effect with sliders next to them, and two boxes that say 'On' next to them. BGM is the background music that plays while you go through Ragnarok. Effect is the sounds that play when certain actions take place. The sliders adjust the sound volume for each of the specific sound systems. The 'On' boxes determine whether the sounds are on or muted.

Once your sound and display settings are to your liking, it's time for you to participate in the Ragnarok Tutorial. In order to move, you click the left-mouse button where you wish to move. You may also hold down the left-click to continue moving in that direction or any direction if you alter your course of movement. To talk to NPCs, non-player characters, you simply click on an npc and a dialogue box will appear with what the NPC has to say. Now that you know the very basics of Ragnarok Online, you can participate in the Ragnarok Tutorial where you will learn to play the game in all its glory.

Basic Commands to Know!

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