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GM Team

GM-Reira has been a GM for about a year and 4 months for 2 Ragnarok servers.

Her interests are helping others, writing, and singing.

Her aim is to create unforgettable game experiences through her writing and knowledge for the players, and help them feel welcome to the server.
GM-edg3 has previous experience with being a GM in TempestRO and joined Trojal in uv-RO.

His primary aim is to organise fun events for the server to keep it fresh and interesting for old and new players alike.

His main interests are game development and programming, which for the most part are self taught.
GM-Trojal has been a server administrator for the past 6 years, and a GM on 4 previous servers over the past 6 years.

His primary interests are network security and innovative web programming.

He hopes to maintain a constant interest in the server by coding fun and balanced innovations for players to enjoy.
GM-Esdras doesn't have any previous experience with being a GM on a Ragnarok server but he has been playing ragnarok since 2003.

His education background was in art, majoring in architecture.

His primary task is in artwork and custom stuff for the server.
GM-Metallurgix has been playing Ragnarok servers since turtle dungeon patch and he never had any scripting experience but had been a bot catcher for 4 months.

He is doing his final year of computer engineering.

His areas of interest are cryptography and testing.
GM-Mesmerize has been playing several ragnarok servers for nearly 7 years and in those years she joined 2 private servers as GM for 3 years.

Her education background was in fine art and foreign languages.

Her main interests are painting, pottery, sculpture and photography.